University of Manitoba - Asper School of Business

School Name: The I.H. Asper School of Business

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dean: Dr. Glenn Feltham

Accreditation: AACSB

Unique Factors:

The business school that is now the I.H. Asper School of Business was started in 1937 as the University of Manitoba's centre for professional management education. Currently the School serves over 1,200 undergraduate students and operates a state-of-the-art MBA program. The School has grown to include more than 50 full-time professors whose activities include teaching, research, consulting, and community service.

It was awarded the 1999 Global Best Award from the Conference Board of Canada which recognizes the cooperative efforts between universities and the business community.

Programs Offered:


All students in the Undergraduate Program pursue the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree. This four year degree provides a broad-based general business education with an opportunity for students to specialize in one or two disciplines (or majors). Students first complete one year of pre-business courses (30 credit hours) and then complete their final three years (96 credit hours) in the Asper School of Business.

MSc in Management:

The Masters of Science in Management is designed to produce graduates who have an academically more in-depth, rigorous training in their chosen management field than is normally the case either for the B.Comm (Hons.) graduates or MBA graduates. In addition, the program seeks to develop strong research skills for the graduates in order to meet the needs of em­ployers as well as to more effectively prepare Master's students for doctoral work.


The new Asper MBA program is designed from the perspective of the general manager, but not just any general manager. The underlying theme is leadership enhancement, starting with a focused leadership forum up front. The curriculum not only delivers core management theory, but also leaves with participants a sense of ethics and social responsibility within the competitive global environment. In addition to problem-solving skills, the program emphasizes critical thinking and decision implementation skills. Participants will be provided with countless opportunities to develop their skills to work effectively in teams and to motivate others and to present ideas clearly and correctly both in presentations and in writing.


The Asper PHD program is small, with a strong research focus. Only a small number of students are admitted each year. The size is intentionally limited to foster students' development through intense and close interaction with the faculty.